2023 Ordering Information


How it Works:

Seasonal Purchase – BUY NOW and SAVE

Buy the entire season of lawn feed up front and get FREE delivery.   This is our lowest cost option.  We will deliver your entire season at once.  Each feeding will be labeled with your application date, and we will send emails to you, reminding you to apply. By having a one-time lawn feed delivery, we reduce the travel, labor, and administrative costs that were associated with our previous delivery structure, allowing us to keep our lawn feed pricing as low as possible. 

Seasonal Purchase – Billed Every 6 Weeks

This option allows you to purchase the entire lawn feed season still, be billed for your lawn feeds and receive delivery every 6 weeks.  There will be a $5 delivery/shipping fee added to each order. 

The number of seasonal purchases you receive is based on the date ordered; see below for the order deadlines and the lawn feed you will receive. When you place a seasonal order, you will receive the entirety of your 2023 in one delivery, versus our previous structure of up to 6 deliveries (2 per season). 

  • 6 Feeds – OPTIMAL RESULTS for early Spring Weed Prevention
    • Order by 3/15 to get 2 Spring, 2 Summer and 2 Fall Feeds
  • 5 Feeds – Spring, Summer, and Fall Feeds
    • Order between 3/16 and 4/28
  • 4 Feeds – Summer and Fall Feeds Only
    • Order between 4/29 - 6/15
  • 3 Feeds – Summer and Fall Feeds Only
    • Order between 6/16 and 7/27
  • 2 Feeds – Summer and/or Fall Feeds only
    • Order between 7/28 and 9/7

Single Feeds

We always have the option for purchasing just a single lawn feed.  While you get the best results by feeding your lawn every 6 weeks, some feedings are better than none.  The cost per item is slightly higher than with our subscription model, and there will be an additional $5 delivery/shipping fee added to each order.